Thy Kingdom Come CD Set

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The Kingdom of God is foundational to every aspect of God's plan for mankind, but most Christians are confused about this topic. Incorrect and misleading theology has left us filled with faulty knowledge and unanswered questions on the subject. So what can we do?

Fill in the gaps and study God’s plan for His creation and the final eternal state for mankind. Recorded during our Winona Lake conference sessions, enjoy teachings from our most popular speakers like Jim Showers, Chris Katulka, Mike Stallard, and Steve Herzig as they go in-depth on studies like:

  • God’s Coming Kingdom
  • God’s Kingdom Promise to Abraham
  • God’s Kingdom in Acts and the Epistles
  • Controversial Teachings on the Kingdom

And many more!

(Format: CD, all 15 messages, approx. run time: 8 hours 45 minutes, Code: AS19CDC)