Fast Forward To The Future Dan 7-12



Have you ever seen a lion with wings like an eagle? How about a leopard with four heads and four wings? Daniel did. He saw these incredible beasts and much more in some amazing visions. What do these visions mean? You’ll find out as God sends special messengers to Daniel to explain each extraordinary dream.

Join Max, Molly, and the great face-licking beagle Sam to create an exciting TV show based on Daniel’s dreams. You get to solve puzzles, draw fantastic storyboard pictures, and help actors learn their lines while discovering…

-  Why Daniel saw such astonishing creatures
-  Why some of the visions are scary
-  Why you never have to worry about the future

This fast-paced, hands-on inductive study takes you into God’s Word to find out His awesome plans for the future!

Age Range: 5+