Israel's Resilience DVD



Why is it that Israel is still standing ...

... after millennia of attacks, and innumerable enemies whose sole purpose was not just to destroy the people of Israel—but to annihilate them?

Why, when October 7 happened, did it rightfully crush the souls of every Jewish person, but not wipe out their strength completely?

Explore these profound questions with our DVD, Israel's Resilience: The Struggle to Survive. Dive deep into the history, the future, and the ongoing struggle for Israel’s survival. Come study the Scriptures with our passionate Bible teachers to discover the source of Israel’s undying strength in four captivating sessions:

• The Restoration: Jewish Return of the Land
• The Rejection: Muslim and Christian Replacement Theology
• The Spiritual War: Israel, Ground Zero of the War
• The Resolution: Messiah’s Deliverance

Be encouraged that God’s faithfulness for His Chosen People remains–not only for today, but forever.

(Format: DVD, Closed Caption, Code: V060C)