Anchored: Hope Secured in Turbulent Times DVD



The Bible promises you will have tribulation in this world. But when you feel you’ve hit rock bottom, remember you have an anchor to secure you through your pain: Jesus!

Stay anchored with this DVD featuring all seven teaching sessions as a reminder that Christ will secure you in your darkest days. You’ll hear messages of encouragement discussing the hope we have both in hard times and happy ones:

  • Hope in God’s Judgment
  • Hope in God’s Cure
  • Hope in Troubling Times
  • Hope in Christ’s Wedding
  • Hope in God’s Wrath 
  • Hope in Christ’s Return
  • Hope in Eternity

God’s Word has the hope we all need, and this DVD will assure you of His promises to anchor our souls in turbulent times.

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(Format: 2-Disc DVD, Closed Caption, approx. 255 minutes, Code: V040C)