Vol. 79.1 - Jan/Feb 2021 - The Alpha and Omega




Meditating on God
Steve Herzig
Will 2021 be a better year than 2020? No one knows. But as believers in Jesus, we have something special— no matter what happens.

The Great I AM
Tom Simcox
God’s promises depend on His supernatural ability to fulfill them. And He makes that ability abundantly clear.

The Father Knows Best
Harold Summers
Many people think God isn’t fair. But they don’t understand the vast difference between the potter and the clay.

The Future-Teller
David M. Levy
So-called psychics rake in millions of dollars each year. Yet only God knows the future, and here is why.

The Absurdity of Idolatry
Bruce Scott
Why worship something inanimate? But many people do and foolishly waste their time trying to replace God.

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