Vol. 77.4 - Jul/Aug 2019 - Elijah the Prophet




How God Turned the Foolish Into Fantastic
Steve Herzig
A cab ride in Tel Aviv could have ended in disaster. But God stepped in.

What Heathenism Wrought
David M. Levy
Elijah was an extraordinary prophet, but even more so because of the culture in which he lived.

Confrontation on Carmel
Ty Perry
Here is a look at one of the most fascinating and decisive battles between good and evil.

Passing the Mantle
Tom Simcox
It’s so important to teach the younger generation. Elijah mentored Elisha for almost eight years. Then Elisha made an unusual request.

‘I Will Send You Elijah’
Richard D. Emmons
Here is a look at Malachi’s mysterious prophecy and the three phases of Elijah’s ministry.

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