Vol. 78.4 - Jul/Aug 2020 - Jesus is Coming Again! But When?




Israel’s Will to Remember
Steve Herzig
When is a stone more than a stone? When it causes us to remember the things God has done.

Four Good Reasons Why Premillennialism Matters
Randall Price
Premillennialism is less popular than it used to be. But it’s essential to understanding Bible prophecy, which constitutes one third of God’s Holy Word.

Enter the Greeks
Bruce Scott
God’s Word tells us not to be deceived by human philosophy. Here is a look at Plato’s unbiblical influence on Millennialism.

The Acts 1:6 Controversy
Chris Katulka
Was John Calvin right when he criticized Jesus’ Jewish disciples for expecting a literal Kingdom on Earth?

Joint Heirs With Jesus!
Mike Stallard
Premillennialism isn’t only about Israel. Here’s a look at this teaching as it affects the future of the church.

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