Vol. 79.4 - Jul/Aug 2021 - When We Hurt

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The REAL Friend of Israel
Steve Herzig
Pro-Israel. Anti-Israel. America has plenty of both sentiments. Here’s a brief look at the country’s history with the Jewish people—and what lies ahead.

Job: Misery’s Poster Child
David M. Levy
Sometimes our lives change in an instant. But no one’s life changed for the worse quicker than that of God’s faithful servant Job.

The Wrong Trifecta
Mike Stallard
Providing comfort is not everyone’s forte, unfortunately. Here are three different ways Job’s friends made a mess of trying to help him.

What Not to Say
Dan Price
Handling God’s Word without wisdom can result in good theology going awry.

Can You?
Tom Simcox
God does not speak to Job until Job 38—and then He asks unanswerable questions.

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