Vol. 77.6 - Nov/Dec 2019 - Heaven and How to Get There




A Jewish View of Christmas
Steve Herzig
Through the ages, Christmas has not been kind to the Jewish people. Here’s a taste of Jewish history—and how Christ can make all the difference.

Yes, Zuzu, There Is a Heaven
Tom Simcox
A lot of people believe a lot of misinformation when it comes to heaven and angels. Here’s what the Bible says.

Life After This Life
David M. Levy
What happens to us after we die? Here’s a glimpse into the great beyond—the future that will last forever.

Home to Eden
Chris Katulka
Greek philosophy distorted God’s truth, but God’s plan of redemption brings everything full circle.

The Gift of ‘No More . . .’
Mike Stallard
God’s gift of eternal life through faith in Jesus comes with so much more than we can imagine. In fact, it comes with the blessing of “no more . . .”

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