Vol. 76.5 - Sep/Oct 2018 - The Great Deceiver




The Man Who Believed in Miracles
by Steve Herzig
If you don’t know much about him, you should. He was the father of modern Israel: the indefatigable David Ben-Gurion.

Villain of the Ages
by Richard D. Emmons
The world has seen its share of evil rulers, and more will arise before the Lord raptures His church. Then the vilest of all will appear—the one called Antichrist.

The Ultimate Con
by Tom Simcox
Satan thinks he has everything figured out, and he plans to deceive the whole world with his unholy trinity.

The Final War Against Israel
by David M. Levy
Russia, Iran, Syria. They all threaten Israel today. But their threats are nothing compared to what the Jewish people will face with the Antichrist.

Consumed and Destroyed
by Mike Stallard
Not everything is gloom and doom. Here’s how the Antichrist and his evil kingdom will meet their well-deserved demise.

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