Vol. 78.5 - Sep/Oct 2020 - Ecclesiastes: Life Under the Sun




From Moses to Jesus
Steve Herzig
Why do some people believe what God says and others don’t? Usually, it has to do with the difference between stony and soft.

Life Under the Sun 
David M. Levy
Ecclesiastes 1—3
Life is filled with conundrums. Here is a look at how Solomon the philosopher looked at them.

No Satisfaction
Peter Colón
Ecclesiastes 4—6
Many people find no satisfaction in life. Justice and oppression fill the world. But there is a way to find contentment.

Harold Summers
Ecclesiastes 7—9
Nothing in life is guaranteed. King Solomon addresses age-old questions like “Why do the good die young?”

When the Grinders Cease
Tom Simcox
Ecclesiastes 10—12
When the body fails and the eyes grow dim, we start evaluating our lives. That’s what King Solomon did, and here is his conclusion.

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