University Outreach

Give Hope on Campuses

Do you remember your days on the mall of your college campus? Maybe you encountered a friend who shared the gospel with you or invited you to a Bible study. Maybe you only attended the study for the free pizza and ended up finding salvation through Jesus Christ . . .

Today, students are denying Christ in an effort to express themselves and their feelings about the church. That’s why we make it a priority to reach young adults on their own turf in multiple ways. Maybe you can’t make it to your alma mater to share God’s truth, but you can help! You can help to spread truth and the love of our Savior in the harsh spiritual climate of academia. When you give to FOI’s campus ministry, you are opening hearts and leading a new generation to life in Christ and helping them grow in their faith rather than abandon it.

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It is our practice at The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry to use gifts as designated for the support of specific workers and projects. However, to ensure gifts are tax-deductible, federal law requires us to maintain complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds.