John & Irene Plantz (Canada)

Church & Field Ministries Director / Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

What is unique to your role at The Friends of Israel?

Sharing the gospel of Jesus the Messiah to the Jewish people and Gentiles.

Teaching at conferences and preaching at churches.

Leading tours to Israel.

What inspires you most to do what you do for FOI?

Knowing that I will be a king and a priest for the Jewish Messiah.

What is one bit of wisdom you have for those who want to share the love of the Messiah with others?

Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you through the Scriptures.

What Scripture compels you the most to do what you do?

Genesis 1:1 “In the Beginning” — (B'reshit) Bar is “Son;” Esh is “Man;” T is the mark or cross

Who is the most influential person in your spiritual life?

Dr. John Whitcomb

Dr. Renald Showers

Steve Herzig

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